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Accent furniture ideas to make your home appealing

Accent furniture ideas to make your home appealing

Accent furniture stands out since it complements the decor of a room. The term means emphasis or stress. Furniture pieces which are worthy of this name do not adhere to mere functionality. They are mainly used as decorative pieces. There may not be any practical need or use for it, but it is attractive enough to draw people’s attention and create excitement just like an accent color. Accent furniture adds definition, color, and drama to any space. It is a good idea to buy accent pieces as there are many places in your house where they can be kept. Moreover, there are several ways in which you can use the same.

The entrance sets the tone of your entire house. Thus, it is a great place for putting accent furniture there. For instance, a bombe chest is a great piece to have at the entry. You can also use any other gilded, painted or ornate chest. The idea is to choose something with an outstanding shape or a strong color.

Choose small tables
Small tables are quite good an option to use as accents. Inlaid and painted small tables with added interesting treatments are often used as accent furniture. They can be made from unconventional or unusual materials or have strong lines or colors; the choice is practically endless. You just need to ensure that the table draws attention. These tables can be used almost anywhere, from living rooms to bedrooms.

Imposing and large pieces
Accent furniture can be an imposing and large piece as well. It may be a cabinet, an armoire or a huge painted folding screen. In case of a busy room, the accent piece can be plain with a complementing striking color in symmetry with what you already have in the room. If another furniture in the room is muted, you can go for an imposing, tall ornate piece.

A chair with flair
It is more often than not that chairs are used as accent furniture pieces. An accent chair would be the ones with outstanding upholstery, strong profile or be in a color that bowls people over. It can well be very different from the rest of your furniture to give greater contrast to your house. It is well known that mixing two contrasting styles can give the remarkable result. Thus, if your other furniture is traditional, buy something modern or the other way round.

The dining table
The dining table can be a great accent piece. Buy something which stands out for its color, finish or material. There are dining tables in every possible style and size. Choose something which complements the dining chairs and other furniture in the room.

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