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5 benefits of portable oxygen concentrators

5 benefits of portable oxygen concentrators

A portable oxygen concentrator is a medical device that helps people with low blood oxygen levels. The device can be used by plugging it into an electrical outlet, or it can be powered by a battery. That said, one needs to charge it by plugging it into an electrical outlet once the battery runs out. Many portable oxygen concentrators come with an adapter to allow easy usage while driving.

How does it work?
This device takes in air, purifies it, and then distributes the purified air. Air usually consists of less oxygen and more nitrogen when it goes in, but the concentrator purifies it and delivers as much oxygen as possible. The air has little nitrogen when it comes out of this medical device.
Here are a few benefits of using portable oxygen concentrators:

One can get much better sleep
It is natural for the body’s oxygen saturation levels to drop when one is asleep, no matter how healthy the lungs are. As a result, people with a chronic disease might suffer from transient nocturnal desaturation, which can interfere with their sleep cycle. A portable oxygen concentrator allows them to get the additional supply of oxygen that they need.

The device is easy to use
While these medical devices might seem like a combination of an endless list of buttons, wires, and switches, there are user-friendly ones too. A good portable oxygen concentrator should have a simple control panel and allow one to monitor its battery life conveniently.

It improves one’s mental alertness
If the body and mind are not getting adequate oxygen supply, the organs and their functionality start getting affected. This is where a portable oxygen concentrator can prove helpful.

It helps improve stamina
Low oxygen levels can often lead to poor stamina. A portable oxygen concentrator would provide an individual with an adequate amount of oxygen to perform their daily tasks without feeling fatigued.

The device is customizable
Did you know a portable oxygen concentrator can be customized according to one’s needs? This medical device can provide both continuous flow and pulse flow delivery so that one can decide which form of oxygen therapy is best suited for them.

In addition to these benefits, it allows an individual to lead an active and independent life as it makes mobility easier.