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Best ways to maintain a spick and span bathroom

Best ways to maintain a spick and span bathroom

The bathroom is one such place in your house, which if kept clean, can become your favorite retreat. However, the same bathroom can turn into a major put-off, if you fail to keep it sparkling clean. Probably, this is the reason most of us are obsessed with keeping our bathrooms spotless and hygienic at all times. This is where bathroom cleaning solutions can make your life much easier. Nevertheless, be careful about choosing the right product. Check out some bathroom cleaning tips and guide you about the various options available to you, which are a must-buy.

All-purpose bathroom cleaners: A versatile product which can be used on wall tiles, glass, plastic or metallic surface is essential to keep your bathroom squeaky clean. Although all surface cleaners are available in gel and powder form, most consumers prefer spray-based cleaners as they can be applied easily.


  • Most of these products contain disinfectants, which are very efficient at killing germs and bacteria.
  • They can provide a good level of protection against mildew and mould.
  • Most of them have a pleasant and lingering odour.


  • They may not be very useful when it comes to removing hard water stains or stubborn grout.
  • Apart from an all-surface cleaner, special products catering to problem areas like the bathtub or the faucets are also available. However, a separate cleaner is not essential for every surface in your bathroom. If you have a fixed cleaning schedule and clean your bathroom at regular intervals, an all-purpose bathroom cleaning solution should serve you well.

Green bathroom cleaning solutions
These bathroom cleaning solutions are made of plant extracts and are entirely biodegradable. They do not contain any harmful chemicals. Earth-friendly cleaning products have gained popularity in the recent years as these products do not harm the environment in any manner. The solution that you use to clean your bathroom is washed along with water into the drainage system from where they pass into our water table. So, when you use chemical-based products, you are indirectly adding chemicals to your drinking water and food table.
Green all-purpose cleaners can effectively remove dirt, grime and soap scum from surfaces. They have pleasant natural scents and are mild on the skin, in case you spill them over your hands accidentally.

When buying a bathroom cleaning solution, it is best to stick to known brands and reliable products. You can check consumer reviews on online websites and ask your friends. Since most of these products are used regularly and are quite affordable, you may want to try out a few best-known names before settling on your personal favorite.

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