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Five featured selections of Rolex watches money can buy

Five featured selections of Rolex watches money can buy

Rolex is a luxury brand that features some of the most elegantly designed watches for men and women. The designs are tailor made to be season and occasion specific with a combination of premium materials and colors, all the while preserving the classic brand logo and its inherent iconic features.

The premium brand comes with a premium price. Many precious metals and exotic stones are used to craft a Rolex masterpiece with utmost precision. Under all that stunning design is an intricate assembly of fine parts and mechanisms that power the watch.

Apart from precious metals and exotic stones, Rolex also uses a combination of Oystersteel and Everose gold to design the watch case and strap for some variants. Oystersteel is a superalloy that is used in high-technology industries. Different combinations are exclusively developed and used by the brand for making the watch case. The special metal also provides better resistance to corrosion. Everose gold is an alloy made from a blend of pure gold, copper, and platinum to create a unique 18-karat pink gold.

Rolex watches are featured specifically across many special selections. You can find out more about all products on the official brand website and use the store locator software to find the nearest outlet.

Festive Selection
Featured watches in the Rolex Festive Selection include the Day-Date 40, Datejust 41, Datejust 36, Day-Date 36, Lady-Datejust 28, and Lady-Datejust 28 among popular options. These watches are made with different combinations of yellow gold, diamonds, white gold, oystersteel, and everose gold.

Rolex Diving Watches Selection
Popular variants of the diving selection include the Submariner, Submariner Date, Sea-Dweller, Rolex Deepsea, and the Rolex Deep Sea D-Blue Dial. All watches are made with different combinations of precious metals and exotic stones.

Rolex for Yachting
Popular dials and watches featured in the yachting selection include the Yacht-Master II, Yacht-Master 37, and Yacht-Master 40 all available in stunning design combinations and colors.

Rolex Golfing Watches Selection
The brand follows a time-honored tradition when it comes to golfing watches. The Day-Date 40 is the featured variant with 12 different models made with Everose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

Rolex Speed and Endurance Selection
The Cosmograph Daytona is a features watch in this selection that comes in 12 different models with unique color and material combinations made with oystersteel, yellow gold, white gold, and everose gold.

Prices for all models featured in selections will vary depending on the retailer. You can call to confirm the same before venturing out to buy premium Rolex watches. You can also check online to find collectors and sellers who might possess rare and vintage Rolex watches that are available for sale.

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