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Packing tips while moving cross country in a U-Haul

Packing tips while moving cross country in a U-Haul

Moving your home cross country can be Herculean task when you have decided to move your home using rented truck through truck rental services such as U-Haul.

Here are some packing tips that can ensure hassle free moving:
You must packing supplies such as, boxes of all sizes, paper tapes, wardrobe boxes, and TV box kit to protect your flat screens, mattress bags that will save your beds from getting damaged, stretch wraps, dish and glass saver kits, bubble roll, moving pads, Dolly (to carry heavy stuff), and a box cutter for easy unpacking.

Packing Bedrooms
When packing bedrooms, use a large box to pack sheets, beddings, and linens. Break apart the bed frame, if possible, for easy moving. Use wardrobe boxes to quickly pack hanging clothes. Use sandwich bags to pack small items like jewelry. Since flat screens have delicate screens, foam pack the front in a box and make sure the front side is marked.

Packing Kitchen
When you are packing your kitchen, make sure that you stop buying perishable food for a week or two prior to moving. Use a dish and glass saver kit for your dishes and other breakables. Use stretch wrap in order to seal silverware into their containers. Bubble wraps come in handy when packing kitchen appliances. Disassemble your dining table (if it allows) and wrap the pieces with moving pads. Putting things from your pantry in a box with a cell kit will prevent it from breaking. Use a furniture pad and dolly to both protect and move your kitchen appliances.

Packing Living room
Put games and movies in a small box. Disassemble the living room furniture and wrap them with pads for protection. Secure rolled up rugs with stretch wrap. Since furniture are a heavy piece of household item make sure you use dolly to move them.

Packing your garage
Before starting to pack your garage, it might be a good idea to donate or trash out those items that you no longer need but are still accumulated in your garage.

Don’t box the tool box, as it might come in handy at the time of moving, stretch wrap it instead. Drain gas and other fluids from the power tools before packing as they could prove to be hazardous if not handled carefully during the journey. Wrap sharp tools properly with moving pads top protect yourself and other things.

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