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Types of caution tape

Types of caution tape

In factory setups as well as in various other commercial places, there might arise a time when caution tape is required. Whether you use a custom caution tape or something more standard, knowing the difference will help you get the right kind of tape for the purpose. Based on the purpose and the kind of hazard, the tape color and other parameters vary. Read on to know the types of caution tapes in the market.

Types of barricade tapes

  • Hazard tape: Different color codes are available in hazard tapes for constructional and industrial hazards.
  • Traffic control tape: This is used to block or divert traffic on particular roads.
  • Firefighter tape: In a building where there has been a recent fire accident, firefighter tapes are used to cordon off dangerous sections.
  • Construction tape: This caution tape warns about hazards due to construction work in progress.
  • Police tape: Crime scenes are marked and restricted using this custom caution tape.

Types of caution tapes based on color codes

  • Fire hazards are usually isolated using red and white-colored tape.
  • Blue and white colored tape is used to cordon off or indicate broken machinery on a factory floor.
  • Simple restrictions like those due to housekeeping are often indicated with black and white tape.
  • All kinds of physically dangerous sections of a building are restricted with black and yellow caution tape.
  • Magenta and yellow-colored tapes are predominantly used to mark and restrict entry to places due to the presence of radiation hazards.
  • Quick traffic control areas are marked with orange and white colored caution tapes.
  • Safety-related isolations or even a spot for first aid might be marked with green and white tape.

Based on the choice of material

With all these tapes, you can pick a custom caution tape made using different materials, depending on where the tape will be used. This way, you will get the best ones for indoor and outdoor use.

  • High visibility tapes for brightly lit spaces
  • Biodegradable tapes that are non-toxic
  • Repulpable tapes when you have to avoid plastic
  • Woven tape for strength and durability
  • Reflective tapes for road use to maintain nighttime safety

When you are sure about the right color codes to follow and the right kind of custom caution tape to buy, you will be able to take timely safety measures in your premises. This will help in avoiding accidents and restrict movement in intended areas.

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